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The Cotopaxi Colony

The author of this website is Miles Saltiel, a distant cousin of the  Emanuel Saltiel who appears in this story. You can read how I got into this by clicking onto the About this site  page and contact me on I assert no copyright in my own material.

Introduction: a reasoned account

In 1882 a party of Jewish pioneers arrived in Cotopaxi, Colorado, to farm the area shown on the background to these pages. The colonists started out anxious and ended up angry. Cool heads remained thin on the ground, so till now their story has only reached us through tales mangled in the telling.

New findings dispel the fog: we now know enough for this animation to correct the tall stories from days of old. We can follow the money, which led to disputes at the time but then got forgotten; please click here for a reasoned account;  here for detailed figures  and here for an assembly of raw material.

Everything on this site is based on primary documents, most lost to earlier writers, and presented here as “the Cotopaxi Papers” - original texts, analyses and an index. Here too are the mangled 20th century chronicles, a review of  mining by the colonists, and an account of how the story got so snarled up.

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