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The Cotopaxi Colony

The author of this website is Miles Saltiel, a distant cousin of the  Emanuel Saltiel who appears in this story. You can read how I got into this by clicking onto the About this site  page and contact me on I assert no copyright in my own material.

About this site

This is me, Miles Saltiel. I am a distant cousin of
the Emanuel Saltiel in the story - please click
here to see the links between us.

I first came across the Cotopaxi story on a
road-trip through Colorado in 1970 - please
click here for an  account of my involvement.

Now I’ve put up this website, so that those with an open mind have a chance to examine the source material in one place - together with my own take.

The site is based on my research but also benefits from the efforts of others - please click here for my acknowledgements. Please make such use of it as you wish.

Finally, please click here to read a brief bio, here to see the site history, and
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