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The Cotopaxi Colony

The author of this website is Miles Saltiel, a distant cousin of the  Emanuel Saltiel who appears in this story. You can read how I got into this by clicking onto the About this site  page and contact me on I assert no copyright in my own material.

Annotated sources - the Cotopaxi Papers

The chroniclers of the last century neglected newspaper archives, where the
principals told their story.  Please click below for transcripts and commentary on

CP-3. Report of Julius Schwarz to HEAS,
sent 26 July 1882

CP-4. Report of  Morris Tuska to HEAS, undated, published 6 October 1882

CP-5. Letter of E H Saltiel,
sent 19 October 1882

CP-6. Report of Julius Schwarz to HEAS,
dated 23 October 1882

CP-7. Letter of E H Saltiel,
sent 22 December 1882

CP-8. Letter of Wirkowski and Kohn to HEAS, sent 5 February 1883

CP-9. Letter of Meyer Hart,
sent 8  February 1883

CP-10. Letter of HS Henry, HEAS,
sent 15 February 1883

CP-11. Letter  of Julius Schwarz,
undated, published 2 March 1883


CP-12. Letter of Philip Nussbaum,
sent 13 March 1883

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