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The Cotopaxi Colony

The author of this website is Miles Saltiel, a distant cousin of the  Emanuel Saltiel who appears in this story. You can read how I got into this by clicking onto the About this site  page and contact me on I assert no copyright in my own material.

Mangled tales from the last century

Not only were last century’s chroniclers imperfectly aware of the raw material
but some used unreliable oral accounts or unverifiable documentation.
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CP-13. Roberts,
The Jewish Colony at Cotopaxi,
Colorado Magazine, July 1941


CP-14. Satt, The Cotopaxi Colony,
unpublished M. A. thesis,
University of Colorado, 26 May 1950

CP-15. Spall,  extract from
Jewish Agricultural Colonies in the United States, Agricultural History, July 1950

CP-16. Gulliford, Interesting Historical Facts Concerning Cotopaxi Pioneers,

“The Sun” , 26 August 1954

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explaining the snarl-ups of last century’s  chroniclers.